To celebrate, I bought myself a new truck and moved to the suburbs.


Script by Jason Slaughter & Nicole Conlan.

The best part about having a YouTube channel is that I can shitpost to it. If I wanted to make straightforward educational videos I would’ve gone into television.


  1. Not Just Bikes

    Now you need to watch it with subtitles on.

    And then the original orange pill video:


  2. Martin Hawes 🇺🇦

    “Now that’s a climate change I can believe in”

    Really got me

  3. “Suburbs are loud, but this truck is loud” I see what you did there lol

  4. Copium and just cars 😂😂😂

    Btw dank je wel for the orange as a dutch person i appreciate that

  5. That truck was sissy! It didn’t even have monster truck tires with extra width that make it impossible to fit into any parking spot nor the extra light bar at the top for hunting. Heck it didn’t even have an aggressive steel bumper guard either! You also should have played extra loud music with your windows rolled down while frequently honking at others who get in front of you! That would have been ‘manly!’

  6. Great video I’m glad I had the subtitles still on from an from an earlier video that tends to insert funny bits in there.
    I was also expecting a non-blue pill at some point already before the whole matrix thing was hinted at but the orange one I somehow didn’t expect having already seen almost all stuff on your channel.

    How much time did it take to film all this madness? Also seems like a fair bit of hassle to get a licence plate just for this but it did fit the video for sure.
    Btw that white on blue blackground looks horrible, how readable is it under less than ideal light situations?

    Oh and final remark, not living on that side of the ocean how true is the 5:30 part on AM radio listening. Is it mostly like the then still “Just Cars” guy and his channels with the selected snippets and “big bicycle” presumably made up one? Or is it a varied media environment when it comes to politics and opinions?

  7. Pradyumna Chandel

    the most unrealistic hing is that a man in the netherlands agreed spontaneously to having a beer.

  8. Ig this is my Video of the year.

  9. I could feel my blood pressure rising from the lovely memories of when I lived in Toronto when you were driving on the 401…

  10. Wältmeister der Herzen

    My favorite part was the ” there is no … nearby, so I will turn this into … ” on repeat

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