I got 2,147,000,000 bottles in Survival Minecraft…

My friend told me these objects were unfeasible to get, so I acquired them in survival Minecraft…

Credit to @Rays Works for the insane tricks and system defects he found!

Chris Christodoulou

thanks @Parrot for putting me up to this

A Minecraft video clip made by Spoke or SpokeIsHere on other platforms! Enjoy!


  1. 4:16 SB737 made a netherite one 😂😂

  2. having a creative save and then copying those files should count as creative

  3. Why was he looking at Tereria versions 😂 at 1:23

  4. 1:41 risk of rain ost nice

  5. You drop the bottle :/

  6. “There is a specific version, except i don’t know what it is”
    Literally browsing the Terraria wiki

  7. lmao spoke to pick up illegally stacked items you need to drop them and pick them up again so if the exploit works, its possible to get that number

    rookie mistake

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