I Gave My Brother His Minecraft Cat in Real Life

I Gave My Brother His Minecraft Cat in Real Life

Brother @Oblix

Adopt Dont Shop! We have adopted multiple cats already and absolutely spoil them. Cali will be staying with us with my brother max being an honorary GodFather 😀

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  1. Adopt Don’t Shop! We already have adopted MULTIPLE cats and absolutely spoil them. We plan on keeping Cali at my place with Max being an honorary Godfather since hes over at my house all the time anyways 😀 Hope you guys enjoy!

  2. I have to cats one Nala one Feathers black cat and a calico cat I now lots about cats.

  3. i remember when you started playing minecraft and did a survival series you have grown so much

  4. so cue 🙂

  5. fun fact: as siamese cats get older there face turns more brown and they gain more patterns
    such as a fully brown tail and lightly brown ghost stripes on there back and stomach

  6. I have 3 cats named, “kitty guy” “pandora” and “jinx” and they al are super sweet, also you are actually one of my favorite you tubers,

  7. It made me cry

  8. What did you call the cat,I hope you chose callie

  9. Mr beast : that aint much my cat cost 1m

  10. I have two of these cars and once they know you they are all cars they will sit and cuddle you they are also really really really soft

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