I Gave 100 Birthday Gifts To My Little Brother!!

We introduced Jonathan with a crazy amount of presents for his eighth bday!! Safe to mention he liked it… even though the finishing was NOT what I was anticipating

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Michael Le – Instagram/Tiktok ► @justmaiko
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Tina Le – Instagram/Tiktok ► @mztinale

Thank you people for viewing!!!


  1. Happy birthday to you Jonathan. May many more be blessed upon you. May today be as amazing and wonderful as you are love you lots and thank you for bringing joy to us all

  2. You’re a candle in the darkness.

  3. Happy Birthday Have A Great Day Johnathan

  4. Happy birthday Jonathan!!🎉🎉 I hope you had a wonderful bday! :DD

  5. He is older than me😊

  6. nezuko chan aahhhh

  7. Boring.

  8. Danielle A. Martin

    God bless you, happy birthday Jonathan! 🎉

  9. UwU

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