I Found The NEW TAPE In Amanda The Adventurer!

I Found The New Tape in Amanda The Adventurer gameplay | The Frustrated Gamer Amanda The Adventurer update is here! Amanda The Adventurer 1.3 update is here with a new secret tape! See if Amanda and Wooly finally let us know more about the Amanda The Adventurer lore! Let us play Amanda The Adventurer game with The Frustrated Gamer!
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  1. I love ur videos!!!!!!

  2. The reason it made you type watch is bc it’s wanting whoever it is to watch the tape
    Edit: That’s what I think

  3. And I agree it is creepy

  4. rafal sachanowicz

    I step on the bee and I needed go to hospital and I ate an apple and I needed go to hospital to

  5. Do dancing checking

  6. They used the rope to kill grandma or she knew that wooly was going to say the stuff to us so she use the rope to kill wooly

  7. Brandon never give up and know you are great

  8. Enzon kieffer Guatato

    Bradon this is how to tipe wollie is not y is e

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