I Found a Shiny in EVERY Area in Pokemon Violet

Area Locked – Episode 2! I locked myself into EVERY area in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet until I discovered a lustrous Pokemon.

In this episode of Area Locked, I take on the East, West, AND North Provinces to look at how many glossy Pokemon I can find… making ready for the finale in Area Zero!

🎶 Music 🎶
► Intro: Route 10 (Pokemon B/W) + Let’s Dance Boys! (Bayonetta)
► Background: Numerous video game OSTs from
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Old School RuneScape
Donkey Kong
Fire Emblem
Genshin Impact
► and more music by MusMus https://musmus.main.jp/

#pokemon #arealocked #shinypokemon



    For sneak peeks at upcoming videos and shinies 👀- https://twitter.com/Nokimons

  2. I saw the maschiff in the ten second clip

  3. By far the best quote ever from Nokimon 😂

  4. Meanwhile it took me 3 weeks of hunting shiny varoom. During mass outbreaks Without sandwichs and only had shiny charm for a couple days when i got it.

  5. It was maschiff

  6. Bro I thought you would do one area but you did three.Amazing

  7. I always thought shiny mankey looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream. :>

  8. The Determined Ninja

    @10:13 Idk what it’s called in English, but (although you probably can’t tell if I’m cheating or not), I’m 99% sure I saw a Shiny Grondogue thereー

    I make a career out of staring at colours, so I tend to notice inconsistencies in familiar spaces relatively easily. ( ´◡‿◡`)✧

  9. The Determined Ninja

    Here’s to hoping that I managed to *_finally_* complete my shiny hunt for my first (now intended) Shiny Pokémon so I can carry on with the game and finally finish the story, so that Area Zero Content won’t be spoilers for meー (٥↼∀↼)

  10. Yes I’ve got one maschiff

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