I Found A Sea Monster Cave #shorts

I loathe part 2s but the sea took a turn for the worse and we have n Emergency weather advisory/storm warning.. I Guess what ever is down in this hole doesn’t want to be found.. 🤔 🐉 in the Mean time, check out this vlog where I see if a jellyfish will sting my lips!


  1. AYO WHAT THE never mind

  2. The “Red stuff” Is Redstone XD

  3. Torreion Williams

    I like how he say your not going to believe me when I tell you this

  4. Please like everyone

  5. Blood? Looks like rouge… watch out for RuPaul

  6. My guys pockets must smell like shit

  7. godzilla E THE DINO dino goji

    Volcanic…….. seriously

  8. godzilla E THE DINO dino goji

    Maybe theres red stuff because your in a VOLCANIC ravine

  9. godzilla E THE DINO dino goji

    Your hilarious

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