I Fixed My Cheap Supercharged Corvette For $50 & Looked Inside The Engine To Find Mystery Mods!

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  1. Thats one thing people overlook. All OEM and aftermarket superchargers have oil and it needs to be changed. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you haven’t broke a million subs yet Alex…..you and Peter are awesome keep up the good work !!

  3. Get well soon Peter!!!

  4. The Corvette the car that says “hey I’m old, I’m a creepy know-all jerk, I’ve been divorced, I’m would replace my wife for someone half my age, and I like Trump.”

  5. That was awesome

  6. I’m a ford fan but appreciate all sports cars! Like this this vette! What a pain to get those plugs out! Sounds so much better and runs awesome!

  7. For the inside of the plug wire terminals, you can try a brass barrel brush for a 22 rifle. Chuck it in a drill and should get down in there better than the one you tried. I use barrel brush to help clean all sort of stuff.

  8. Peter’s right: メニスカス (menisukasu)

  9. WizardsWithMachinery

    Still can’t believe how cheap you got that car.. I _really_ need to start hitting up some auctions!

    *no telegram scam replies please

  10. Love it can’t wait for next video

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