I Finally Played Roblox Doors.. (FULL GAME)

that’s right ROBLOX VIDEO. I play through the whole Roblox Doors game. It is among the best Roblox Games out there.

Roblox Doors: https://www.roblox.com/games/6516141723/DOORS


  1. Will you play the new Pokémon games when they come out Dan

  2. OH MY GOD 😭
    i was so happy when i saw dan play roblox and with one of my favorite game <3
    that brought back so much memories watching him play roblox sm :((


  4. I wanna try this game out for myself but I don’t have the time lol. I don’t think I’ll be sleepin’ tonight…

  5. You should also try apeirophobia on roblox who agrees

  6. yesterday i started playing and today i won!!!!

  7. Glitch is the creature that appears when your map hasn’t rendered properly, or you’ve been left behind by people in your party.( 15:50 ) What you’ve experienced here is seek having rendering issues, causing the map to not load properly. When you tried to enter the door, it simply did not recognize that you were trying to go through the door, had the rooms overlap, or the rooms after that door were not loaded. 🙂

  8. Im a really big fan

  9. RIP queen Elizebeth II

  10. I bought your merch Dan, It’s comfortable definitely buying more!

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