I Finally Blew Up

Condifiction and I “defused” bombs in VR, and it was uproarious!

Guy huge bomb man: @Condifiction

Thanks so much for viewing!


  1. Download State of Survival today and blow some ZOMBIES up! And you get a chance to win a Lamborghini while you’re at it! https://stateofsurvival.co/slmccl

  2. Fun Fact: This video was ready to be uploaded on September 11th but Charlie realised the implications.

  3. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Slmccl plays dangerous video games,
    For a ton of views

  4. I’m gonna guess that was your main goal, and now you’re going to act like you don’t know nobody

  5. I’m disappointed that they went for shitty calamary for their first date,
    it would’ve been much more romantic to meet in the middle of a long meatball.

  6. 0:17 .. a house up

  7. Oh hey that’s finna woke

  8. you could have made this video 10000x funnier by blowing up and blowing up because of it. that’d be the bomb

  9. Shoulda uploaded this the day before

  10. but i want to blow up not blow down!

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