I Drove to Every Rainforest Cafe in North America

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I resolved it would be a good notion to drive to every Rainforest Cafe in North America. You should not be stunned this is on brand for me. Thanks to my friend @Eddy Burback for joining me on this trip, and check out his video clip if you have not seen it yet!

Thanks to all of the friends who joined us on this trip!

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Outro: Pls Proceed by Baron Grand

If you see this remark: “Nothing better than a plate of Safari Fries at the Rainforest Cafe, Ted!”


  1. sometimes i close my eyes and I’m still trapped on the road headed toward a mall

  2. Honestly, depending on what day you were at the Canadian RFC my Gf could’ve been there lol she was there just the other day.

  3. grandma biscuits

    i love how you go to bucees and release this video like two weeks to the day after i first went to bucees on my way driving to florida lmao

  4. I’m so happy you had discovered buccee’s, it’s truly THE most superior gas station in this entire country. The hype behind it it’s cult-like

  5. He saw the mega man banner in Auburn hills

  6. I don’t mean to be that guy, but did you copy eddy burback. He recently did a video similar to this.

  7. omg i love weston koury 9:09

  8. With some quick math, Ted spent around $2217.92 on gas.

  9. happy you guys enjoyed Galveston definitely the best in my book.

  10. Maybe the real rainforest cafe was the friends we made along the way

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