I discovered smurfs in low ranks and 1v1’d them

Welcome to Toxic Takedown: Agents Edition! In this one of a kind variation of the show, I dispatched out agents of every rank to find toxic players and smurfs to 1v1

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#rocketleague #sunlesskhan


  1. Hotshots always thinks they’re badass on offense, but can’t play defense to save their life. I’m more impressed by someone who can play defense. I use to like 3s, but notice that many players don’t want too or don’t know how to rotate.

  2. If you want to find me smurfing im in bronze 2

  3. we were freestyling!!! take it to casual ffs

  4. The people just listening to you play sounded so awkward 😂

  5. tbh I hope he actually does the video suggestion at the end, maybe change the rank disparity though

  6. Bro I played against uniquemeat today lolol. The same attitude, anyways I love you sunless.

  7. I love that this went from toxic takedown to wholesome chats lol

  8. I’m not trying to be your mean but why do you and everybody else have to put anything on the internet about video games it’s useless that’s just my opinion

  9. Something about sunless talking with his fans, I love it it’s so chill

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