I did a dopamine fast because the internet told me to

Backed by HelloFresh.
the app I discuss around the 18 minute mark is called ScreenZen (not screensin, which it sounds like is what I’m stating lol)

00:00 – intro
02:03 – phone box
04:53 – dopamine fast
11:22 – other wellbeing apps
18:36 – dopamine slow
26:22 – food box

transition song:
Strfkr – Recess Time



  1. Margaret. Fitzpatrick

    I can’t tell if this guy is funny or if I just need to poop

    • What does a pin with no like mean?

    • A little bit of both

    • Percival Yracanth

      Poopin’ AND loopin’ B)

    • Repentance Faith

      Consider where your soul will spend eternity, heaven or hell. You don’t want to end up in hell because you rejected the Sacrifice Jesus has made all who repent and turn to him by faith. We are all guilty of sin. We lie, steal and look with lust in our hearts. We are all Guilty before a Holy and Righteous God. GOD is not just all loving and overlook your sin. He is loving but sin He will Judge because He is Perfectly good. The Good news is God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ who was perfectly Holy to pay the penalty for your and my sin out of Love for us. We can’t keep the Law we break most all commandments. But Jesus fulfilled ALL by his perfect thoughts, words, deeds and motives for us because we could not. Jesus loved all humans and God the Father perfectly. Turn, repent of your sin and confess Your thankfulness for what Jesus did for you. Put your faith in the perfection and the righteousness of Christ. Jesus was raised from death to give you new life; death has been defeated. Out of love and grace eternal life is promised to those who have faith. ., ,. ,. .,. .,

  2. This is so funny. I watched Grimcutty yesterday and this so on brand.

  3. My dad has 1500 day streak on flow

  4. I am baffled. My second year in college Aro was the semester partner and we worked with them. And now Drew is seeing this

  5. I can vibe with most of this but I will never enjoy weekly releases. I didn’t watch any shows to their completion as a kid, and if the whole show isn’t available all at once I still can’t finish a show.

    If I don’t watch it obsessively my brain forgets about it completely and I simply never watch it.
    Even if I try to keep up with it, it becomes stressful and feels like an appointment I have to be on time for and I suck at being on time for things I don’t want to turn my free time into a chore. Long live bingeable media

  6. clips to oblivion

    Watching at 1 haha

  7. Anthony Bejarano

    La La Land reference ☺️

  8. Mega Amanda fan, always. 🎉

  9. Why the fuck didn’t I get a notification for this I hate YouTube

  10. me watching this video and playing solitaire 😮‍💨

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