I Did 30 Push-Ups For 30 Days And This Is What Happened – Funny Challenge

Okay Noodle Arms, it is time to get into shape. We challenged out favorite staff author to do 30 push-ups a day to look at if it made any difference. In today’s animated academic toon we are looking at fitness and building muscles. So get your notepad out and take some notes.




  1. This feels like it’s just a way for him to say he has got a girlfriend

  2. I do 100 push ups 100 sit-ups and 100 squats every day. Don’t forget the 6.2 miles I run. One Punch Man Challenge

  3. freddy and foxy

    More me and the girl friend Series

  4. 6:17 why is Thanos behind you

  5. You sound really attractive

  6. 1 like and I’ll upload a vlog on this challenge. I’m bored and could be more fit lol

  7. This challenge should have been done with a person who hasn’t worked out before

  8. Pretend I said something funny and like it

  9. Im 16 years old and I do the double then his final results?

  10. Bongo Cat Nguyen

    Isnhaksbekk sbeis djakbsnwkaivskahejwkdbsjksndnnsnsjsbbsbsnenennenejshdbdbndjjjjjjdj I’ve been doing 25 each day but I think I’m still gonna die in 7th grade for school we have to do 50 each day

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