I created the finest XP Enderman Farm – Episode 7 – Minecraft Modded (Vault Hunters)

XP Farms in Minecraft are really significant, and perhaps even more so in this modpack of Minecraft, thinking about how swiftly Vein Miner digs through blocks. Today iskall constructs the finest XP Enderman Farm there is! Well, at least he thinks so!

Vault Hunters is a modpack currently in Open Beta. It is unique in that it focuses on action rpg style gameplay as well as all the classic Minecraft elements, with over 2.1 billion different chestplates, swords, idols and more, the pack features a never-before-seen depth!

Find out how to download and install Vault Hunters yourself and play along with iskall:
|| https://vaulthunters.gg/installguide to install!

Download my pregenned Vanilla world (5GB): https://shorturl.at/ehvLX
Second link if the first one doesnt work: https://gofile.io/d/oFP6Y3



  1. Step up = auto jump?

  2. What’s the point of asking us to vote if you’re gonna ignore us?

  3. I wish these farms were this effective on bedrock, mine only give about 10 endermen every 5 seconds

  4. Now I might be wrong,but if you got silk touch and fortune couldn’t you mine forever?

  5. This series, I am beyond surprised to say, is more exciting than Hermitcraft was so far. i really hope it will continue as long as possible because it lights my day seeing the notification and hearing “Hallo!”.

  6. enderman 1 hit farm is much better
    try shulkercraft design

  7. I know what Iskall and button people ment with the -1 research, but I did the math. If u have 1star and something costs 6 u need 5, if u buy something for 1 u have 0, so u still need 5stars

  8. Am i doing something wrong… ive done about 10 vaults and havent found 1 hearty apple… Iskall opens the first normal chest he sees and gets one.. is he on a different version than the public mod pack or something?

  9. This day is perfect, a snow day AND a new Vault Hunters episode!

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