I challenged the Mario Speedrun Master…and won. Here is how.

I beat a Super Mario Odyssey Speedrunning Pro not with prowess, but with strategy.


▶Post Office Box (I will open it on stream):
Tanner Ant
PO Box 283 Prince George A
Prince George, BC

#SmallAnt #CJYA #Mario


  1. This was rough, but I’ll get you next time.

  2. but… why spoil the outcome in the title

  3. Can’t believe he got John Quinones to intro the video for him.

  4. so basically you used an advanced form called “lying”

    -an immortal pig

  5. AutoImmuneDefficiency Syndrome Spectrum

    Thumbnail…. meta?

  6. Great strategy ant

  7. This was so much fun. I need to play Odyssey more.

  8. Scrolling through the comments I found two consecutive Sun Tzu quotes, but one was real and one was fake, and seeing them fit so perfectly together sent me.

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  10. People gotta stop challenging SmallAnt in these challenges. He beat linkus in Minecraft, Pointcrow in Zelda, Pointcrow in Minecraft, and now the world record holder for minimum captures in odyssey. Wtf

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