i can not stop viewing it help me

thank you zone and minus8 for giving us this really cool animation of ankha! liked it! showed it to my family and now i live on the roads

voice actors:

#animation #ZoneAnkha #animalcrossing


  1. Why is everybody surprised by the ending? They’re probably both crazy h0rnee from watching that damn animation so much.

  2. I wasn’t expecting that ending-

  3. Humanity disgust me.When the sun hits the Earth,it will truly be the best blessing from God.

  4. Jeebus H. Christopher

    After years of cowardice and procrastination, this video has finally given me the courage to go on a year-long fast at the bottom of the sea while wearing a fresh pair of cement incased jordans.

  5. The good ending

  6. The exact moment when YouTube warns me that everyone can see my comments

  7. At the end I was like What?

  8. Then I died

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