I butter pull an END GAME CARD on NBA 2K22

Troydan has never pulled an End Game Dark Matter card on NBA2K22. He tries to pull End Game Giannis Antetokounmpo and End Game Yao Ming with butter on the line. Will Troy pull an end game before NBA2K23?

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  1. Marcos Martínez

    Man. Ngl, 2k needs to be better with Troy. Most of the 2k community is no longer focus on creating the myteam content like Troy does, because of all this BS opening packs. I still love the content, and it’s funny af, bit sometimes that kind of frustation is really annoying, specially consider Troy would be great in whatever videogame he wants to.

  2. Ry Syph Sports🏀🔥

    Yo it can be a conference and a number lol

  3. Juan Frias-Villeta

    He should be salad dan and drink italian dressing.

  4. I’m sitting here after pulling lamelo out of a 10 box i opened 2 I spent 50 bucks lmao

  5. These games are predatory, lol but I’m just glad to be smart enough to not fall for it

  6. Pulled endgame Giannis first pack 😂

  7. Ay bro this shit prolly so bad for ur health

  8. Literally started to fall asleep till I heard troydan say whaaat and the music came on 😂

  9. Turns out it was still trash 😆

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