I Busted 56 Myths in Minecraft 1.19!

Minecraft 1.19 was just released so I chose to bust 56 of the weirdest myths in this new update!

0:00 Sonic Boom Ignores Armor
0:14 Can’t Block Sonic Boom
0:22 Mud Dries Out in Nether
0:27 Mud Puts Out Fire
0:34 There Are Jungle Villages
0:43 There Are Jungle Villagers
0:49 There Are Swamp Villagers
0:56 You Can Trap The Wither
1:12 Can’t Spawn Your Own Warden
1:23 New Portal in Deep Dark
1:30 Turn Vexes Into Allays
1:37 You Can Call Goats To You
1:47 Silk Touch to Mine Sculk Sensor
1:59 You Can Waterlog Leaves
2:08 Swift Sneak Dive Mining
2:18 Poisonous Frogs
2:27 Allays Mine Diamonds
2:37 New Music Disc Spawns Herobrine
2:51 New Music Disc Lights Portal
2:59 Can’t Spawn Warden on Surface
3:06 Frogs Eat Magma Cubes
3:12 Skulls in Ancient City
3:19 Blowing up Ores Drops XP
3:27 Furnace Minecarts Have GUI
3:36 Tadpoles Run From Axolotls
3:43 Warden is Lava Proof
3:50 Silence Sculk Sensors
3:58 Moobloom
4:03 Mobs Spawn in Nether Portals
4:15 Allays Use Totems
4:27 Command To Place Structures
4:40 Secret Paintings
4:49 Sink in Mud
4:56 Riptide Makes Boat Faster
5:05 Fletching Tables
5:16 Tropical Fish in Mangrove Swamp
5:25 Directional Audio
5:38 Distract The Warden
5:45 Banner Waypoints
5:55 Chest on a Boat
6:03 Diamond Armor in Ancient City
6:15 Spawn Fireflies
6:20 Disable The Warden
6:31 Pandas Sneeze Slimeballs
6:43 Infinite Dimensions
6:52 Ancient City Redstone Room
7:01 Vines on Soul Sand
7:09 Sculk Sensors Can’t Hear Wool
7:15 Alligators
7:21 Mangrove Tree Saplings
7:29 The Bundle Was Added
7:39 Block Minecarts Stay Together
7:47 Cheats Without Enabling Them
7:54 New Advancement
8:01 Another New Advancement
8:08 End Portal Frame Different


  1. Baby pandas can sneeze slime balls


    Myth no.39 is very old

  3. Who made these

  4. I did not know that

  5. No difference man

  6. Then number of times this guy says “apparently”

  7. u need to be in survival for the warden to spawn I think

  8. Avanta

  9. Everly πŸ”₯𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 π‚π‘πšπ§π§πžπ₯ [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    The difference off the portal frame is the 1.18 is lighter and in 1.19 is darker

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