I Built the FASTEST and Biggest Jet Ski Motorcycle

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I have driven alot of truly cool motorbikes but this one steals the show every single time, it was both perplexing and thrilling to all people who saw it.



  1. In the water?!^^ It’s gonna sink like a rock lol! Unless u sumhow seal up the bottom cut outs but, yeah, or unless u drive fast onto the waters surface and “skip it” along lol!

  2. You could name it “The Suzi”

  3. It won’t handle water because you cut holes into the bottom. The original waverunner (jet ski would be a stand up) would have had a subpump in the hull powered by the engine. But as ypu removed all of that you don’t have a pump, amd I’m guessing you also don’t have the impeller either, so not much propulsion.
    You are definitely going to sink.

  4. lol it’s the BBB
    The Beard Busa Boat

  5. Motorski

  6. Road-doo

  7. Street-doo

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