I Built MrBeast’s 100 Million Playbutton!

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In order to make things perfect, I secretly sunk into his gigantic storehouse and took a 3d scan of the play button. Then me and the Beem Team scaled it up and made it colossal. We even had to call in special helper Uncle Dave to instruct us to weld! Ultimately MrBeast was stoked with out it turned out and I could not be more satisfied. Now Jimmy will have to find someplace to put it lol. This was a crazily nerve racking and super extreme to make, but we had plenty of chuckles along the way. Thank you for viewing! I truly appreciate your support! I love making these video clips and can not wait for you to look at what is next.

If you’re reading this you’re a real one!
so I can notice you!


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  2. Matt’s team spends days creating a play button. Gives it to mr. beast

    Mr.Beast :let’s smash it

  3. #BeemTeam

  4. Matthew Beem’s creations couldn’t get any more epic he goes and does this

  5. You did nothing help them, that is youre video

  6. Modern Geography

    We learn welding in 7th grade lmao

  7. I’m subscribed

  8. I wanna do that some day

  9. so cool

  10. wow another amazing build!

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