I Built Minecraft’s Most HIDDEN Base

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I constructed a SECRET Underground Mega Base inside of a Cave on this Minecraft SMP, and rigged it with a Deadly Trap. This base was MASSIVE, and this TRAP was Insane!

Like ParrotX2 video clips and the LifeSteal SMP, a Minecraft Server Not like Dream SMP or Tommyinnit or Technoblade or any other Dream SMP members. This SMP is like LifeStealSMP and OneTrySMP, this is the hardest Minecraft Sever ever! and it is also a lore-based server in the MCYT community. Not only that, this server has the elements of school SMP and lifesteal SMP, but everything is Hardcore. This is a Hardcore SMP server.

This series is inspired by Wadzee, sandiction and Luke TheNoteable Series, as well as Mumbo Jumbo and Grian on the Hermitcraft server. However, instead of it being Wadzee, Luke, Mumbo Jumbo, Grian, sandiction, it’s actually just Wenzo. I like to make Giant Mega Builds, and this is similar to a Custom Minecraft Challenge video, except the Custom Minecraft Challenge is to survive.

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  1. Honkai Impact 3rd Download link: https://bit.ly/3DT2zO6
    5th Anniversary event link: https://hoyo.link/9asCCVAd

    I hope you all enjoyed the video! (This took me ages xD)

  2. bro rekrap copy

  3. 6:00 you can put glow stone on the same level of the grass around it and then put green carpet on top of it

  4. Hmm, so you like copying rekrap2 huh? Real classy, reaal classy

  5. Why is no one talking about how he blatant lying stole a thumbnail.

  6. Good video

  7. I subed and I want a orange frog

  8. My name is clyde

  9. whats this smp? Guys come on lets make him see this! Like so that he can see this.

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