I Built Minecraft IRL for my Axolotl

This week, I am building our new Axolotl a lush cave from Minecraft!

I use Wetpets aquariums for all my constructs. You can get yours here with $25 off using this link!:
► https://wetpets.co/

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This is a short-term Minecraft themed tank. Next week we are going to be moving several of the Axolotls to a HUGE surprise tank. What do you think we should name this new axolotl? Remark below!

This was the hardest build I’ve ever done and it took weeks to create real life Minecraft blocks and get them into the lush axolotl cave. Since Minecraft 1.17, Axolotls can be discovered in caves in the game! I believed it would be astonishing to try and recreate this IRL!

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  1. What should we name my new bb axolotl!? Comment below 👇

    I’m so happy with how this temporary setup turned out! What do you think? Would you make one for your axolotl? Here are a few pointers if you’d like to make your own:

    • Be sure you use a big enough tank. Axolotls require at least 20 gallon aquariums. In this video, I went with a 60 gallon cube, but for a long term setup I’d recommend a bookshelf style (long) aquarium
    • Use food safe (and therefore fish safe) materials. GE Silicone I is a common product used in fishkeeping since it’s fish safe once cured (fully dry). This is my go to glue for my projects
    • Avoid sharp edges on your Minecraft blocks. I took the extra step to sand and smooth each block in my axolotl’s tank. This will help protect their delicate skin and keep them safe
    • Make sure you cycle your aquarium. This process can take between 2-4 weeks, sometimes even longer, so it’s important to test your water parameters before welcoming your friend to their new home
    • Be creative and have fun!! I’d love to see your creations. Be sure to share them with our community too 💛

  2. Just hit the subs button! Great work here

  3. I like fish

  4. Your videos Are so good

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  6. I think your axolotl loves the tank!

  7. I think you should name her or him if it’s a girl name it Goldie and if it’s a boy name it Bodi

  8. Victoria Salinas

    You can name him goldie

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