I Built LEGO Minecraft for a Real Turtle

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This week, I constructed a Minecraft beach biome entirely out of LEGO for my very small turtle, Harry!

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Join me on my quest to construct every underwater biome in Minecraft! Harry was envious of my Axolotl Lucy’s Minecraft lush cave, so I chose to create his own Minecraft turtle island. I have had my turtle Harry since he was a small baby and I’d do more or less anything for him! I love constructing custom Minecraft LEGO sets. We have now created and Axolotl lush cave and a Turtle beach biome, what should we build next?

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  1. Legends has it Sigils is still trying to get the purple mask

  2. Plz plz plz get a bichir fish

  3. Make lego vilager for your turtle’s

  4. Wath you game Minectraft

  5. I feel sorry for her pets

  6. Biology and Science Time

    I subscribed

  7. I love your videos

  8. can you get a african sid necke turtle pleas 😁

  9. A axolotl house of SpongeBob’s house

  10. Ezzy 1:37 chest
    Medium 4:04 puffer fish
    Hard 6:11 Alex whit the wooden sword

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