I Built LEGO Minecraft for a Real Axolotl

This week, I constructed a Minecraft lush cave totally out of LEGO for my axolotl, Lucy!

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Since LEGO does not have its own Minecraft lush cave set, I chose to build my own. I spent uncountable hours building this masterwork and my hands continue to be sore!! Lucy is my first born axolotl and she likes investigating new tanks, so it was worthwhile. I love constructing my own LEGO sets, what should we build next?

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  1. What fish tank should we make next? 🧐

  2. Melody De Guzman Genese

    imagine someone breaking it

  3. I have been following her for three years now and I just love how she works through her problems. She always makes cool videos for us and makes her wet pets happy. I really want an axolotl because of her. I love watching her videos and watching her create something new every time. I started putting real plants in my fish tank because of her and my fish are more happy than they have ever been! We love you so much can’t wait to see the next video.

  4. John Ezekiel Ramos

    I love when you make videos

  5. ioana ionescu🌙


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  9. Hello my name is maylee and I am getting a axolotl in December so I hope I can win soon enough !btw I love yours vids

  10. John Tristan D. Pesebre


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