I Built Brent Rivera World’s Largest Toilet!

I created the WORLD’S LARGEST TOILET and stunned @Brent Rivera with it! I am stoked with how it turned out and Brent was overwhelmed when he saw how huge it was!


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A couple of weeks ago, Brent Rivera messaged me with the crazy concept of building the World’s Largest Toilet. As I have a history of building the largest tasks on YouTube (SpongeBob’s House in my Backyard, Real Life Technoblade, Giant Cereal Bowl in my Bedroom, and a Real Life Squid Games Doll), I knew I could not say no. Little did I know what building a toilet 20 feet tall was almost unfeasible so this was exceedingly hard to make. Nevertheless, the astonishing Beem Team worked some magic and made the infeasible feasible once again. Upon completion, we still had to drive it to California to surprise Amp World with it. He was AMAZED at how good it turned out! This was a real challenge to make, but we had an abundance of chuckles along the way. I love making these video clips and can not wait for you to look at what is next.

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