I Built An ALLAY CITY in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore (#45)

Today I constructed an Allay base in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore! We had to locate raider outposts, rescue the Allays, and build them their own city inside of a large glass dome! We in addition survived in an Ancient City without any a totem! And to top it all off, we in addition made a 1.19 Frog base!

Seed: 564902244069520138

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  1. Sorry for the delay on this video! It took longer than I thought haha! Hope you enjoyed the Allay City! 🙂

  2. The only thing more pathetic than gaming is making videos about gaming.

  3. Maximilian Koch

    Rescuing a allay from a prison and putting it in another prison

  4. Farzi arrays like jukeboxes and when you put disc inside of them I think they’ll start dancing so maybe you could put some jukeboxes inside The arrays dome

  5. I’m sorry that I spelled farzy as the wrong

  6. Ther are sum redstone bases in the antchint base it is ander the portul
    The 1 wift fire underneethf

  7. Leny D. Aquino Aquino

    I love the 1.19 update!!!

  8. Rajb _ GAMING OP 🇮🇳


  9. Big and Small Sisters

    It is not elay allayyi

  10. The best goat horn is call

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