I Built a Tiny Ecosystem

not to be theatrical but i would die for bobby


  1. 8:41 for some reason i heard “ohhhh, f- you!” 😂😂😂

  2. I love these videos <3

  3. You needed to peel the top shiny layer off of the foam with a razor blade then able a good layer of aquarium safe silicone and then put cocofiber on top and smash it into the silicone while it’s still wet. In a high humidity environment that foam needs to be protected or it will get moldy and gross. The silicone makes it waterproof. (I’ve made a ton of these for my reptiles).

  4. Plz do trading hair to a house plz

  5. Ryan is basically god

  6. Betty’s Cozy Homes

    You mean rain Forest Cafe in Disneyland ??

  7. Pranay Vijayakumar

    Next time Ryan would say Jimmy isn’t my brother and eventually get more subs than him 😂

  8. Prakash Kumar Adhikari

    U are my favorite YouTuber u make the types of videos I like just as surviving in woods making echo system


  10. everyone must like and subscribe now otherwise bobby dies.

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