I Built a Tesla out of Trash

Here’s What I Got!

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That’s All I Got!

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  1. Buy Super Exclusive Merch: https://jakecarlini.com/merch (I need to buy socks)

  2. Road to 10 million subscribers

  3. He’s so inspirational, ‘The richest man doesn’t buy a Tesla, he makes one.’

  4. i know mandarin

  5. Where is your money I though youtubers make more than 1000 bucks or 100

  6. Jake deserves way more respect then he gets!!

  7. very nice

  8. The battery and motor remind me of an electric bike

  9. I absolutely love you videos keep it up

  10. yo u have my same name and same taste in building stuff, but u are more skilled than me, ur vids are the best and why dont u have more subs? u deserve it!

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