I Built a Giant LEGO Railway for my Fish

This week, I created a large LEGO railway to create an underwater LEGO amusement park! There are tunnels through mist and darkness, real flowing waterfalls and also sharks!

s/o to @halfasleepchris for the afflatus. He makes crazy LEGO railways and encouraged me to make one for my fish. Check him out ✨

Meet The Crew!
🐢 Harry
🦐 Ralph
🦎 Lucy & Lemon
🐠 Nemo & Marlin
🐡 Puff & Peewee

This LEGO Railway took weeks to construct. There are so many fun exhibits along the way. We pass by Ralph, my peacock mantis shrimp, my axolotl Lucy, my axolotl Lemon, my clownfish Nemo & Marlin and my very small turtle, Harry. We are going to even revisit some insane LEGO creates from former episodes, like the LEGO Titanic which we created using over 10,000 LEGO bricks. You are not going to want to miss it!

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  1. Who wants a LEGO City train?

  2. Mee

  3. Me

  4. OscarArchieAndReuben

    Me I’ll take it

  5. Yo who built the best lego

  6. You have cool fish

  7. Who wants the Lego train but doesn’t live in USA ✋🥲🥲

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