I Built a GIANT LEGO Castle For My Cats!

RALPH & BELLA PLUSHIES: https://www.makeship.com/shop/creator/half-asleep-chris

I Built a GIANT LEGO Castle For My Cats! I compounded 10 of the LEGO Lion Knight’s Castle with a ton of additional bricks, to create the utmost GIANT LEGO castle, for my cats Ralph and Bella!

A giant thanks to Sven from SeeYouInMainstreet for expressing Van Gogh!

They are sold by Makeship.


  1. Half-Asleep Chris

    We raised £36,545.34 for schools in Cambodia! Thanks so much everyone, you’re amazing! The shoutouts will be in the next video, and £50 / $50 + donors should have been emailed a form to fill in with the name / names you want shouted out, so please keep an eye out for it. I’ll keep you posted with updates from charity:water and the specific schools / projects we’ve funded in future videos, but once again, thanks a million, I’ve been blown away by your generosity. THANK YOU!

  2. your videos have just become lego, that makes me a bit sad to see you grow from a geniuenly passionate channel to a guy who does lego cuz its the thing that gets him the most views.

  3. Actually, lego wasn’t invented yet in the medieval era. This castle is historically inaccurate.

  4. 👍👍👌👌👌👌

  5. 6:20 Remf and Taco Bello

  6. The castle is guarded by Ralph and Bella the royal gladiators , there is a bigger time machine

  7. you should build a big lego frog

  8. In my country each lego costs like a thousand buck and plus ten. Castle parts 100000 bucks

  9. Where is the link

  10. Its funny where ghosts are just like enjoying theyre party

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