I Bought VIRAL TIKTOK Products from our Childhood

I Bought TikTok’s most NOSTALGIC merchandise to test! Some lived up to the anticipation, so were sort of a catastrophe tbh lol
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I Bought SATISFYING Tiktok Prodducts!

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  1. Did you have any of these products back in the day?? If so which ones?! 🥰

  2. Your videos are so relaxing and how do you get all the stuff are you rich OMG

  3. They still have magic towels at Dollar Tree. As a 27 year old.. I still buy them. LOL

  4. BRATZ ugh nightmare….I worked for TRU and women were feral trying to find the exact doll their child wanted. 😂😂 The doll in a thong lol. That phone isn’t the official BRATZ one it is close.

  5. Ohh I do remember

  6. I bought the last IPOD series before then went to the iPhone music lol 😂 I have the cords to hook to a tv along with that cord.😂

  7. I still having my ipod nano almost new and my ipod 4 and I can’t believe they are still rwselling for a good price.

  8. I used to have the lava lamp. And my brother had the See-through Phone for the home!!! I loved this video! Back of those years!

  9. Hope girl there’s bratsz in target

  10. For a second there, I thought that sentence was going to go “the taller the Uggs, the closer to God!”

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