I Bought UNREALISTIC Pinterest Products

accessories, home decor, and of course GOWNS 🙂 Let us see if they live up to the Pin!
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  1. I love would LOVE to gift one of you the big fluffy purple dress 🥰 If you want it for prom or even just a fun Photoshoot, text “purple dress” to me at 310-582-5313 (fits dress size 6-12)
    (Beware of scammers in the comments pretending to be me but that don’t have the verified mark! I do NOT use telegram or watsapp. Only the phone number above)

  2. I need everything!!!

  3. This has absolutely nothing to do with my life and I can’t stop watching

  4. Worked for Wayfair and Perigold is just a Wayfair brand website that curates more of the fancy items/vendors in one place 👍

  5. hii! hope you should try to review the lana del rey cigarettes lipstick i really love your videos sending love from the philippines😊😊

  6. why didn’t you tighten up the sneaker laces???? it would have fit better….also without the body suit if possible….just a sneak peak

  7. I love how u pick the weirdest things

  8. Hope! I LOVED this video! I love all of your Pinterest videos 🥰 I would also love to see a Pinterest wedding dress video! I just got engaged and am getting married in December and I need to find my dream dress! There are many on Pinterest and this website called Veaul. But I don’t know if I can trust them. I need your help!

  9. i absolutely love the last pink gown!

  10. I love the purple prom dress!

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