I Bought The World’s Most Expensive Pokémon Card ($5,300,000)

Character Pixel Art by: Ejay Fernandez

Pokemon Map Art by: Gianni Piccioni

I’m a 27 year old residing in Puerto Rico. This is my life.


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  2. the story you created was awesome, and cool to know where the card came from in that style at the start

  3. 失明の刈り取り

    This happens when you’re rich as fuck!

  4. yes thank you for making this video. I have been waiting years for a video bro. Can you do one more box opening. I just need more content from you.

  5. Brandon Kelley

    Crazy ass money

  6. Them boys got new cameras cuz damn this video clean


  8. wow all that just to throw it away on another random nft scam which will surely fail.

  9. I just don’t get why one would want to pay hundred of thousands or even millions for an item that they never truly own. It sits in a vault and you don’t have exclusivity of full ownership. When paying those amounts exclusivity is want one truly desires. You can’t even see it unless in a museum or the likes. Being only a part owner for a collectable is strange to me. The “collective” decides when and if they want to sell it and not you, it’s value may rise and you might want to make money and sell but there might also be 1 or more others in the collective that don’t want to at that time. Just sounds like a headache to me. I mean, part owning something like property or a business, shares etc makes sense, but a collectable that’s never truly yours…weird. I’m sure you may treat it like stock and one may sell their share of ownership but where would the profit come from if the card itself hasn’t appreciated in value at time of sale? Sounds a bit ponzi to me 🤔

  10. Bro is rich rich 💀 casually spending 1 million on a card and holding it over the water

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