I Bought The World’s Largest Keyboard

I Bought The World’s Largest Keyboard. This was definitely psychological LOL

guys in the vid: @JackManifoldTV @Technoblade @Niki Nihachu @HBomb94 @Foolish Gamers @Ph1LzA
Edited by Tommy & @letucesandwich

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  1. 0:14 London

  2. Brianna Lamkin

    One thing a parent taught me a knife is the best way to point at someone

  3. 5:24

    I- in
    G- the
    N- game

  4. 1:40

    buddy, nice schlatt plushie advertising in the background

    now everyone go raid schlatt in the comments telling him to sponsor tommy

  5. Eleanor da frog

    im a really lovely guy, tommy once said

    *threatens viewers with knife*

    tommy again: you see, so nice

  6. ♧《J R A T T 》♧

    Congrats on #5 on trending!

  7. Why you british

  8. props to tommy for blurring out the k**fe for people that get triggered <33

  9. nexus 6 hater nike nexus6

    Since when you sensor a knife !??

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