I Bought His ENTIRE Pokémon Collection. Worthwhile? 😬

I purchased 3 Pokemon card collection binders from somebody who stated there would be some awesome things inside. I have only seen 1 page, and I’m going to figure out if I overpaid or not. Watch and tell me what you think!

Entry for the giveaway will be shared that day!

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  1. Deep Pocket Monster

    *Check out this other collection I picked up last time:* https://youtu.be/Qu86PSoDmSQ

  2. I’m gonna tanto from Demon slayer

  3. Can you give me some Pokémon cards I just need some photographics and one cold

  4. I believe you did great! 👍

  5. This channel needs to blow up

  6. Hey Pat I have a holographic Mew I’ve been going to part with it for a long time

  7. Yoo pat, it’s me!

  8. Ur biggest fan!

  9. Love your vids bro never give up

  10. I will doanything for the channel, the problem is, I’m in Australia!

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