I Bought Discontinued BEAUTY Products from our CHILDHOOD

I Bought the most NOSTALGIC beauty, hair, and makeup products to unbox and test! + 2000s inspired outfits to go with them!

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  1. Amanda not

  2. Those “popcorn” shirts were also popular in the 1970s. They were called bubble shirts. Thankfully there are no photos of me wearing one!

  3. I had the crimper with the interchangeable plates in the 80s/90s. I used it to death!

  4. I forgot about the Jessica Simpson spray. 🥹

  5. The blueberry Art Stuff glitter lotion & spray from B&BW…ICONIC! 🤩

  6. Hoŵ are you making Profite your selling things for 0.1$

  7. Girl, you are ADVENTUROUS trying someone else’s used makeup and tasting 20 year old products! 😂😬

  8. I died realising I had a great lash tube literally exactly the same just with a black lid instead of green and not realising it was popular in the 2000s 💀💀

  9. God, I loved Mt Date with the President’s Daughter. I pineddddd over that dress.

  10. 2:06 was literally amazing ❤❤❤😂

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