I Bought CRIME EVIDENCE Packages for CHEAP

THIS is what occurs when police proof is not needed to solve a criminal offense anymore or goes unclaimed… it goes to an auction where other folks can BUY it for SUPER cheap! I purchased THREE boxes to look at what treasures we can find.
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  1. It seems random unclaimed items only have 3 fates.. donate, destroy/dispose, or end up in a Hopescope video lol

  2. Hi hope can I please have that bag I have no more bags I love your videos bless you

  3. Niki The Snake Lady

    Omg my names Nikita. I was surprised to hear my name lol

    Donate them.

  4. I have been missing one of my AirPod pros for 4 months… I’m so jealous you have like the opposite problem😂

  5. Fabio FilmsProductions

    Irrelevant YouTube recommendation

  6. I WANT IT

  7. Lies evidence can’t be sold.

  8. You’re so innovated with you video topics, that’s why I watch every single one! What a girl boss

  9. The pink gloves are perfect

  10. No no you didn’t

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