I Bought Another Pallet of Home Depot Tool Returns for $3,400

I Bought Another Pallet of Home Depot Tool Returns for $3,400, was it worth it…..?

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I Bought A Pallet of HOME DEPOT RETURNS for CHEAP!
I Bought A Pallet of Lowes Tool Returns for $182.00….Mistake?
I Bought A Pallet of Walmart Tool Returns for $2,217…… Mistake?

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  1. Redemption!!!

  2. I agree with @benwagoner9741. Look for local schools with woodshop, automotive, or construction classes and donate the tools there. You could also donate tools to Habitat for Humanity/HUD to use when they have volunteers help with house construction for the less fortunate amongst us.

  3. Love the pallet buys not sure what I would do with everything though

  4. US only for the tool giveaway *sad noises*

  5. I love these videos they are AWESOME. It would be interesting if there was a note with each item why they returned it there would be so much BULL SHIT to read

  6. Christopher Rudolph

    Love the Ridgid stuff. Great service plan on them.

  7. made out decent on that pallet. i stopped using liquidation for the fact everything has went up in price. a few years back use to be able to get a pallet for $400 and make some decent money

  8. Could just 3D print anything missing and boom fixed

  9. I’m a huge dewalt fan I would be be going crazy over this. Awesome video

  10. VK Property Maintenance & Remodeling

    Just send me the ryobi stuff. I’m not switching brands anytime soon so I could always use some more batteries and impacts….

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