I Bought a TRUCKLOAD of LOST CARGO Packages

I Bought a semi-truck of lost payload mystery boxes! THIS is what occurs when on-line orders get SHIPPED but then get lost or go unclaimed… they go to an auction where other folks can BUY them for cheap!

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NOT spons, but they ship now which is cool so I thought I would share the link!
Auction where I get this things:


  1. What was your favorite thing in this haul?? 📦 😊
    (Pls SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t! We are so close to 2 mil!!!)

  2. I need an apple keyboard!!!

  3. I would say the treasure box that you have you might want to get that checked out by professionals to see how much money it’s all worth. By the way love your videos.

  4. It is so fun to see what is in the boxes!

  5. I meant the one with all the jewelry inside you might want to get checked.

  6. Get a large magnet to get security tags off

  7. Cecilia Marinello

    Omg I swear to god I’ve been waiting for one of these videos! Love you hope

  8. Omg!! You got normatec boots. Im so jealous

  9. Are you putting stuff up on poshmark?

  10. “La-gance” is the L name really nice brand resells well

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