I Bought a Brand New 40 year Honda Motorcycle

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I Got the really strange chance to purchase a 40 year old Brand New honda Motorcycle that’s still in the Box, and we must get it running and Drive it home. I cant wait to look at whats in store for us inside this box. its going to be superb.



  1. My first real bike was a black 2000 Ducati Monster 750. Loved that thing. When I bought it I rode it home with both tires flat and a broken brake light switch. The only issues I had when I sold it were the ignition relay would vibrate and stop working and the previous owner put cheap clamp on bars on it so the seating position was really bad and hurt my wrists. I still think those year Monsters look so damn good.

  2. Sean was so sad when he said wow where the same hahahaha

  3. Brakes just slow you down!

  4. Brakes are unneccesary. They just slow you down! I would ride back on those tires, I’ve done far worse!

  5. BabyGoatInASweater

    I feel like I need that bike since I was born in 1982 and turning 40in the fall.

  6. Its a Honda it’ll be still going in 400 years time lol

  7. 40 Year old tyres

  8. I see Benelli at the back.

  9. I’d definitely be cool with riding home on those tires. I wouldn’t race jt bit a casual ride should be fun… Lol

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