I Bought $100 “Cosplays”

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Today I tried on the worst cosplays that cost me a whopping $100. From shows like devil slayer, cowboy bebop and more.

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  1. I love this series Connor. Unless you don’t like making these videos, I would personally like this series to keep going.

  2. still got it with your bad cosplay 🤣

  3. What is the intro clip bruh

  4. 0:27 the ua sports uniform 😭

  5. I think you should get someone else to compete with you, but you get a handicap by getting premium cosplay bits, while the professional cosplayer gets to work with the cheaper options and see who does it better!

  6. Probably the best intro to a video ever 🤣🤣

  7. Brandon Stobbe

    Cross Dressawg

  8. Jenvie Sanduku

    Next time in the future please try a 1,000$ cosplay pls

  9. Harlie Webster

    Connor, you can totally shoot this idea down, but how about a cosplay challenge where you and another individual cosplay the same character but its a budget cosplay. You can be scored on likeness, unique props, and acting.

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