I Bought 1 Bike for $100k At an auction

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  1. Big fan …my dream is to own a road king or softail…but I do own a sportster…my grandson who I have custody of takes all my money to support him

  2. Wish I could do what you do …man I’d cherish any big twin Harley I get hopefully down the road in the future

  3. Steam engine build

  4. Money Matters Minute

    Amazing video , i have a lot of shorts about money🙂

  5. Nathan Blankenship

    I know where there is a 1939 HD for sale in ohio Ben restored for good price hasn’t Ben started yet

  6. I thought you were outta biz…?

  7. That auctioneer going full on two-stroke and even revving up at higher bids as if he almost redlined it! 😅

  8. One of these days someone is going to wake up and realize they paid too much for a knucklehead and down we go. Like tulip trading

  9. Tell us more about your V-Rod Destroyer. I wondered what happened to that bike. You said in this video that it was stolen from you. I’m curious, I’m sure a lot of people are too.

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