I believed the Schmid Peoplemover was infeasible

An elevator that can go smoothly from horizontal to vertical is not achieveable… right? Turns out that the traditional wisdom is mistaken, and the Schmid Peoplemover has been doing that for many years.

Camera: Moritz Janisch
Producer: Marcel Fenchel https://www.fenchel-janisch.com/
Engineering adviser: Calum Douglas
Animation: Pete McPartlan


  1. Just a quick note: Herr Schmid is 80 years old. He has a gravelly voice. He is, no doubt, aware of this. If you’re thinking of making a rude joke about that, please don’t: it’ll join the ones that moderation’s already blocked (though they left one thread about it still running). I’ve got a duty of care to the people who are kind enough to appear here: please help me by being kind in turn!

    • @Robert Brink you’re perfectly fine, my friend. Even Germans struggle understanding each other from time to time if they speak with a very strong dialect 🙂

    • I now want to go to this station just to ride the people mover

    • They’re just jokes, jeez. The ones i’ve seen before the purge weren’t THAT rude… unless a bunch of trolls showed up for a raid while i wasn’t looking.

    • Greetings from Germany, Tom

    • @Marco Venustus no but every jerk putting up embarrassing videos on YouTube about driving a car in a video game, might sound like that. This seems to be your only hobby

  2. Who says the Germans over engineer things?

  3. We have one of them in Berlin

  4. As a german, I am very thankful for the subtitles, this person was hard to understand..

  5. I once rode the Peoplemover in Berlin which is at some small S-Bahn station. I didn’t know it was rare at all! Really interesting video 🙂

  6. “All road traffics has to stop because of one pedestrian”, not a fan of this car-centric attitude…

  7. Cayseniskitsunegamer

    I wonder if it would connect to other tall business buildings in the future.

  8. “We finish one hour before”. I some countries (won’t mention which) they would still be asking for more time, budged, in litigation with the client, the government, the union, city council and the four subcontractors they hired for the job.
    Great work.

  9. 3:55 Here the railway company have advertising telling you not to run for your train. or you will slip and end up on the news.

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