I Became a Moderator in Gorilla Tag

The hardest challenge I’ve done yet.

With @JolyneVR

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In this jmancurly they made me a moderator video clip, I figure out what it is like to be a mod in gorilla tag virtual reality!



yeat – up off x [instrumental remake] by @LLClawz

Playboi Carti & Pi’erre Bourne – Switchin Lanes (Instrumental) by @DissleATL


Unless I do, which I typically do not.


  1. Subscribe to never get banned

  2. thank you for this wonderful video also my best part of gorrilla tag was i woke up one christmas morning to find out i can wall climb i never did it before and i could suddenly do it thank jman

  3. VuurVR Productions

    moderators should be able to get a button and a door to close and open right next to the computer so that toxic people cant leave

  4. @jmancurly if u see this play with ur cousin again please

  5. Did you add me on oculus

  6. Jman can we play in a few weeks sorry for begging lol

  7. Anybody know what the stick does?

  8. AidenGamer Gaming

    Great video

  9. 6:15 had me on the ground 💀🤣

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