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@Big Boy


  1. Doesn’t change the fact that Big boy is a hating ass dude . He won’t change now . Maybe in 10 years he’ll look back and be like damn

  2. Rodney Cordova Reyes

    Well said Big Boy

  3. M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    No time for drama when you putting in work…physically, mentally and financially..keep bangn

  4. You the king bro ❤

  5. ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel

    Much love Homie. No need for an apology, Your golden. Me and my wife got your back! STRENGTH CARTEL fans for life. Shout out to a solid Kali Muscle.

  6. Hella respect for you man. Dont let that bitch or bs get to you. Fuck that bitch!! I aint no southerner but your the only one ill watch cause your real af!!

  7. Need a vaquero in the group

  8. I never seen a ride that you need welding goggles to find….then put on sunglasses to drive.

  9. I just wanted to know if your going to reunite with the real heavy hitters

  10. Damn, I really feel like you guys hate on Texas now. That was sad.

    Deuces man hope y’all get where y’all are going.

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