I Answer YOUR questions! Why’s It Broke??

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  1. Could the timing of gone off it’s timing on one cylinder?

  2. You really don’t have to defend yourself. People who actually know anything about engines and racing knows stuff breaks.
    I know it sucks that TY comment sections are full of idiots… Normally the loudest are the few and that quite are the many. And the many know engine parts break..
    I’m sure it’s tough taking a client on like Garret when half of his fan base is a bunch of 12 year olds

  3. On The Tools Canada

    Imagine questioning a man that’s provided engines to multiple event winners over multiple years.
    A man with an engine reliance record that’s almost unmatched.

  4. Would have been fine with some nitrous at 30lbs

  5. Why’s It Broke?? I can tell you why! Asking too much from it / abused from someone who thinks money is no object

  6. How much is a SMX start from?

  7. 100% respect for the patients to answer the common/over sighted questions and not get to frustrated with them!

    • No sarcasm, after being a mechanic for 13 years and being in teams at grass roots levels this was handled pretty well. 🙂

  8. success autos nz

    All hail the algorithm

  9. Trending video

    Awesome man. Great work

  10. Hey Steve
    Got a question about your SMX vs. Tom’s SMX. Why did you build his engine as a 525 vs. your 572? Is there an advantage for one over the other due to the weight of your cars? Just wondering why 2.0 does not run a 572 as well?

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