I am regretful ASUS… but you are fired!

The last a few years have proven that ASUS is anti-consumer and lack serious quality control. Enough so, that we can no longer support the brand or allow them to be one of our relied on sponsors.

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  1. I wonder how the QC will be for the Asus ROG Ally…

  2. sixteenornumber

    I have a ASUS G14 and I feel the same way. It looks great, but it crashes all the time. I was starting to think that a quality laptop doesn’t exist but no, it’s just ASUS that sucks.

  3. Had this thing with my pc not wanting to wake out of sleep mode, turns out that my (then) high end Asus motherbord shit the bed and a 50 dollar board does the same thing better, only thing is that i have way less IO

  4. we all have to take things as we see them . & personally asus saying ( & im paraphrasing here) “its your own fault for listening to us ” is a real shity thing to do not to mention sending damaged products for review is more than enough reason to say ” no thanks ill get my stuff from somewhere else . welldone to both Jay & Steve for speaking out & not brushing this under the proverbial carpet as it appears Asus have tried to do

  5. House Station Live . com

    is that video sponsored by asus? just kidding.

  6. I’m still buying ASUS, this warranty voiding beta BIOS thing don’t bother me because I READ before installation. Come on man, it’s a work in progress, have some patience dude, you’ll be fine without overclocking for a few more days. This over-reacting show Youtubers put on here is getting ridiculous, to topple Jay’s video someone will have to run over a $600 Asus motherboards with a road roller? LOL

  7. New Egg was even worse than StateSide Asus, I purchase THREE Asus mobo’s in a row, each one marked as new, and all three were broken.I dealt with the last broken one just because it was “only” a broken USB 3 header. First one, the board was literally cracked and had dirt on it, second one was missing all the assessories and was literally just the naked board in the box without even a bag. The third broken board I got has been good for 6 year, but 2 months ago the Mobo’s I/O usb powerbus shit itself, and now i have to use a pcie usb, and a hub, which isn’t good for the amount of USB devices I use (18). I always appreciated Jay, allways straight up, always a good teacher.

  8. dislike counter

    Who was the first embargod sponsor? Gigabyte?

  9. Man. Here and I just built a system with an ASUS X670E-E and a 7950X. I haven’t seen any problems, but I’m starting to get really worried.

  10. Will you be covering the MSI code leak? Gigabyte isn’t an option because of their customer service being nonexistent, and now ASUS is out. What’s left that’s actually good and has good support?

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