I am regretful.


  1. 『 Sam bii 』

    Anyone else almost died when it said “I am sorry” I literally got scared and thought she quit youtube

  2. Peace Comes At A Price

    Bunch of snowflakes ! You’ve got every youtuber under the sun apologizing now , you people are pathetic ! Grow up and laugh a little

  3. I think people are missing the point. She *apologised.* If you’re Asian or Hispanic you either accept the apology or don’t. I’m black so this is not for me. Yes I love Liza, and she did something wrong which she admits to. What else do you want? A video of her fake crying? Hating on someone after they apologize isn’t going to change their perspective on things. And this ‘Cancel Culture’ is just forcing them to apologise and do something to stop hate instead informing them so that they realise what they did was wrong. Relax. You either except the apology or dont. You either watch her or you dont. Go live YOUR own life.

  4. People need to grow some balls and learn how to take a joke. Comedy nowadays is so limited.

  5. Gabriela Passos

    What did she do?

  6. Gave me 2 minutes to read this and I still paused to read 😑 I am slow

  7. I hope we all decide to never laugh at racist jokes again even out of discomfort. Pretend you don’t understand and make people explain how they are funny. David Dobrik for example has made so many racist jokes and the people with the most subs need to be not teaching kids that’s okay to laugh at EVER. Those jokes aren’t okay.

  8. This made me really proud. You don’t see too many apologies that don’t play defense.

  9. I’m sorry she did nothing wrong somebody please explain

  10. kirsten vankirk

    I hate Liza now, she’s gone so downhill and Hollywood, I want little brown girl and her crazy characters back, I hate this person

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