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Welcome to Daz Games! Here you will find all my Try Not To Laugh Challenge, Sketches and Reaction video clips where you will enjoy my responses to video clips from “LIFE HACKS THAT MAKE NO SENSE” and everything else on the internet you could think of. I like to do commentary walkthroughs and playthroughs of games like The Sims, ARK, GTA V, Minecraft, Horror Games and so on. New gaming video clips will be published five to six times 7 days.


  1. I think if i ever were to be stranded on an island i would want daz and dave with me lbvvs. I am so excited for this 4 part series!! 😀

  2. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this, Daz. You never cease to amaze and inspire me. You will forever be my favorite! Love you, man!! ❤️

  3. I have no words! Just chills and pure happiness 🥲 I can’t wait to watch the series daz and Dave. You’re both so brave to do this, should be proud of yourselves! Hope you, Dave and camera man recovers quickly xxxx

  4. Arthur Morgan red dead 2

    Hi Daz hope you recover but can you play some ark survival evolved again with Dave please please I’m your biggest fan since vine

  5. Complete and utter respect for you both ❤❤❤❤

  6. ive never been so excited for something in my life

  7. So glad you guys are ok!! Don’t know what my life would become if you didn’t 😂 seriously can’t wait until the series drops. Rest up!!❤

  8. Damm I’ve watch you for a long time day and I really can’t wait to see this man we are all proud if you and we missed you happy your alive and I can’t wait for this

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